The Play


The Sex Myth: A Devised Play is a storytelling and cultural change tool for a new, diverse generation of gender and sexuality activists. It’s not a script so much as a process - led by each community creating the show, and supported by the team at Break The Sex Myth HQ.

Using the book as source material, performers do a deep dive into their beliefs, experiences,  and expectations, when it comes to sex writing original monologues about the impact The Sex Myth has had on their lives. Performers also work together to explore how The Sex Myth plays out in their community, using improvisation and other techniques to create short connecting vignettes that span comedy, and performance art.

The result is a show that is unique, honest, and adaptable to different communities, identities, and age groups.

The Sex Myth debuted at Northeastern University in the summer of 2016, and did a sold-out run at HERE Arts Center New York City in August 2017. To join our movement, and put on a production of The Sex Myth: A Devised Play in your community, click here.