The Sex Myth has been featured in more than 150 media outlets globally, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Autostraddle, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, MSNBC, NPR, Elle, the New Republic, Buzzfeed, and many more.

Here are a few of our favorites.


“The Sex Myth provides a clarifying framework for understanding new versions of old contradictions”
- New York Times Book Review (link)

“I feel like a younger me could have been spared a great deal of anxiety if she’d known that sex is not some competition you’re having against the rest of the world.”
- The Guardian (link)

“Under The Sex Myth, ‘the personal is political’ more than ever, and what we actually want comes second to what (or who) we want to be.”
- Medium (link)

“Even though we live in a society in which people talk constantly about sex, there’s still a lot of silence about the types of things that make us vulnerable, the aspects of our sexual histories or stories that don’t fit neatly into boxes. What I think both the book and the play do is draw those out in a really human and respectful way.”
- The Riveter (link)

“[One of] the 15 books we couldn’t put down this year.”
- Women in the World (link)

“It’s a tough task trying to say in-step with how the culture views sexuality. Too much sex equals too promiscuous. Not enough and questions arise as to what’s wrong? This hour, we’ll talk about the social groupthink that affects the way we consider sex with Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality.”
- NPR (link)

“The show is billed as an "inclusive new-generation take on the Vagina Monologues," and through engaging and emotionally honest vignettes, The Sex Myth: A Devised Play delves into slut-shaming, LGBTQ+ identity, sexual assault, monogamy, and how race, class, age, gender, and ethnicity impact our sex lives.”
- Bustle (link)

The Sex Myth will make you rethink the way you think about the role of sex in your life, whatever it looks like.”
- Autostraddle (link)

“We’ve come to think of sex as more than something we do for recreation and procreation; western societies now frame sex as a statement about who we are.”
- The New Inquiry (link)

“We live in a culture that treats sex acts as identities, and which gives what we do and what we desire when it comes to sex what American anthropologist Gayle Rubin calls a "cosmic" significance. Have sex with too many people, and you're a slut. Do it with no one at all, and you're a loser or a prude.”
- Cosmopolitan (link)

The Sex Myth offers a potent demystification of the performance imperatives in contemporary sexual culture.”
- Australian Book Review (link)

“Just as the dichotomy between “good girls” and “bad girls” is false and damaging, I think that the idea that some ways of being sexual are “empowered” and others are innately conservative or “repressed” is misplaced as well. There is no single script for sexual liberation.”
- Slutty Girl Problems (link)

“[Hills] questions the idea that as a society we are currently more sexually free than we have ever been before, that our judgments about sex have become deregulated, and that truly anything goes.”
- New York Magazine (link)