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Since The Sex Myth was published in 2015, we’ve travelled to 3 continents, 20 cities, and dozens of US college campuses to shed light on the cultural and social forces that shape our sexual beliefs and experiences – and break down sexual shame, fear, and anxiety in the process.

Our flagship workshop “Let’s Talk About The Sex Myth” creates an intimate, secure space for students to discuss their beliefs and experiences when it comes to sex.

Drawing on her deep knowledge of gender studies, sociology, and psychology, as well as conversations with thousands of young people, Break The Sex Myth founder Rachel Hills helps participants draw out the connections between their lives and the broader sexual culture.

In a deep-dive, student-led conversation that can cover everything from gendered double-standards, LGBTQIA issues, consent, performance, communication, hookup culture, safe sex, religion, kink, and virginity, participants identify the unspoken sexual “rules” in their communities and how these vary according to gender, race, sexual orientation, and more. 

Students walk away with a new sense of self-acceptance and courage when it comes to their own sex and relationship lives, and a new sense of empathy for peers whose experiences might be very different to their own.

Break The Sex Myth founder Rachel Hills keynotes Harvard Sex Week 2017.

Break The Sex Myth founder Rachel Hills keynotes Harvard Sex Week 2017.