What readers are saying

“The Sex Myth has the potential to start a new sexual revolution: one in which we all acknowledge that the type of sex we have, whom we have it with, whether we have sex at all – and all those other myriad sexual hangups we struggle with on a cultural and individual level … do not DEFINE us.” – Emily Lindin, The Unslut Project.

“I came across your book by chance – I was having a low moment wondering why all my friends were settling down with loving partners and I still found it difficult to get a second date – when ping I saw your book and had to buy it. I finished reading it last night and I needed to write to say THANK YOU! From a place of loneliness and isolation I now feel that my choices with regards to my sexual and emotional life are valid and, even better, in many ways quite normal. The stories you tell and the clever and insightful way you told them made the book a joy and revelation to read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book.”

“This book should be compulsory reading in all schools; the ability to construct an identity separate to your sex life (real or imagined) is crucial in creating confident and well-adjusted adults. Teenagers, parents of teenagers, young adults, and adults will benefit from this book’s wisdom.”

“It’s rare to find a book that’s both intellectually and emotionally satisfying, and this is one of those reads.”

“The truth? That sexuality – ‘normalcy’ – is a concept completely our own … we are far more complex than the boxes we reside in give us credit for. Any book that can further educate us and remind us of that is at the top of my required reading list.”

“Both as a human being, who has experienced these very issues, and as a mental health therapist … I am incredibly thankful for Rachel’s consistent willingness to engage with the sticky side of, well, anything.”

“I think my favorite thing about the book was all the personal anecdotes from the diverse groups of people you chatted with. … What I gathered from it was that each person’s journey is unique—each person has a different ideal regarding sex and dating that’s both independently formed and heavily influenced by cultural factors.”

“To read that hooking up/casual sex (let alone frequent sex) was so varied for both single and coupled young adults alike made me feel more in sync with my age group.”

“Most of all…something I know I will carry with me is that I Am Not My Sex Life. It’s important to pull apart individual worth and identity and sex.”